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The latest addition to the Champion lineup is the Sportster Raider. This full body trike offers the lightweight performance our customers have grown to love about our Sportster trikes, while adding a full bodied trunk with a handsome amount of storage capacity. You’ll get both performance, AND style, at a fantastic price.

  • Full Bodied Fiberglass Trunk
  • Harley-Styled, Plug and Play Taillights
  • High-performance, independent front and rear disc brake systems - Increased safety when braking in turns
  • Champion-designed "Easy-Install" rear-end
  • Powder-coated structural components - Improved durability, longer lasting coating system
  • OEM tail and signal lights - Preserves Classic Sportster styling
  • Overal Width: 55"
  • Overall Length 91"
  • Overall Length (w/ EZ Steer): 94"
  • Load Capacity: 400lbs
  • Tire Size: 205/70R-15
  • Brakes: High Performance Dual Discs
  • Electrical: Plug & Play Connectors
  • Solid Axle Suspension: A "Zero-flex" swing arm using 2 coil over shocks