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Honda Trike Kits

Goldwing 1500

Starting at $7,945

“Taking the Time to Do It Right” is the most accurate way to describe our Champion GL1500 trike kit. Champion spent years of research understanding what makes some trikes perform better than others. That’s exactly what we did in the case of our GL1500 trike kit. We rode and tested every GL1500 trike on the market, and quite frankly, we knew we could do better. Our engineers went to work, and performed their magic. When finished, we had a trike with distinctive styling, that out-performs all others, like it was glued to the ground. With improved features such as better braking, and performance stability, we have produced a trike with the most effortless ride of any GL1500 trike built to date. Ride the Champion GL1500 trike and you will understand why we took the time to do it right!

  • Gel-Coat (included in Base Price)
  • Custom-engineered "Zero-Flex"swingarm with Progressive 416 series air shocks - Improved handling, more confident ride
  • Custom-designed, fully-balanced drive shaft with heavy-duty U-joints - More robust design, a smoother ride
  • Custom-built lightweight rear-end - Reduced un-sprung weight, a softer ride
  • High-performance disc brake system - Safer, more confident ride
  • Powder-coated structural components - More durable, longer-lasting coating system
  • Reinforced fiberglass body construction - Rugged, durable product that will last longer
  • Bassani stainless steel dual mufflers - More durable, stylish, longer-lasting exhaust system
  • Extra large trunk + over-wheel storage - Holds 3 full-face helmets and more
  • OEM tail and signal lights - Preserves classic 1500 styling
  • Overal Width: 57.5"
  • Overall Length 110"
  • Overall Length (w/ EZ Steer): 112.5"
  • Load Capacity: 500lbs
  • Tire Size: 205/70R-15
  • Brakes: High Performance Duel Discs
  • Electrical: Plug & Play Connectors
  • Suspension: Solid Axle "Zero-flex" swing arm, using progressive 416 series air shocks, & OEM adjustable air shocks


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